Crowe, Fanning Join Goddard’s “El Royale”?

Russell Crowe and Dakota Fanning have apparently joined the cast of Drew Goddard’s “Bad Times At The El Royale,” his second film as helmer following a directorial debut with the much acclaimed “The Cabin In The Woods”.

Chris Hemsworth, Jeff Bridges and Cailee Spaeny have already been confirmed to star and Cinema Blend reports that Hemsworth, doing press rounds for “12 Strong” over the weekend, confirmed two previously unannounced additions to them – Crowe and Fanning.

No details were provided as to what their roles are or the extent of them. The 1960s noir thriller follows a group of strangers who find their fates intertwine at a Lake Tahoe hotel.

The project is undergoing a super fast production schedule with plans to shoot in March and April and, for now, it’s sticking to a planned October 5th release.