Could The Red Ranger Become Nightwing?

Earlier this year came word that Australian actor Brenton Thwaites would play Nightwing, Batman’s former sidekick Dick Grayson, in the upcoming TV series “Titans”.

That project however is separate from director Chris McKay’s in the works “Nightwing” solo feature film and not long ago McKay said the search had begun for an actor to take on the part, one who would be “completely devoted to the role of Dick Grayson both emotionally and physically.”

A social media posting yesterday has hinted that he may have found him, and if true it means that there’s now a second Australian actor taking on the role. That actor? Dacre Montgomery, who played the Red Ranger in this year’s “Power Rangers” movie along with the mulleted and abs-tastic prick Billy Hargrove in the second season of Netflix’s “Stranger Things”.

Montgomery posted a photo of Nightwing (with logo) and with nothing but the phrase ‘…’ for a caption on Twitter. Then, twenty minutes after posting it, deleted it from the account without explanation. Montgomery certainly seems to be in the right wheelhouse of actors they are looking at for this role and has gotten people talking with the post which racked up over 1,100 likes before being taken down.

“Nightwing” hasn’t locked in a release date as yet so no word on when it will go into production.

Source: CBM