“Cats” Producer On The Trailer Backlash

Cats Producer On The Trailer Backlash

While there have been better and worse trailers this year, perhaps no single movie trailer had more of an impact on the world in 2019 than the first clip from the live-action “Cats” musical.

Released amidst a bunch of other high-profile trailers like “Top Gun Maverick,” the first preview hit like an atomic bomb on social media – generating a ton of discussion that is still going to some extent today and will only increase once the film opens.

Much of that discussion though was negative, people finding the trailer laughable, creepy or downright weird. The film’s producers Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan however say the overall response to the trailers has been great when asked by Variety about the backlash that accompanied that initial trailer release:

Fellner: “The reality is that 100 million people or more saw the trailer, and, yes, there were some people that didn’t like it, and as is the world we live in, those who didn’t like it were the most vociferous.”

Bevan: They were probably people who didn’t know ‘Cats,’ and the fact is they were either anticipating something animated or something that was on four legs. Among people who know ‘Cats,’ the reaction was pretty solid.”

The pair also confirmed that they initially were looking at putting prosthetics on the actors, however there were all sorts of technical problems as dancers overheated and weren’t able to keep the fur on. As a result, the CG option was taken and it’s still ongoing with Fellner saying “you’re seeing subtle changes. The characters have progressed and are progressing every day.”

“Cats” opens everywhere on December 20th.