“Birds of Prey” Headed For Solid Box-Office

Birds Of Prey Headed For Strong Box Office

The first long-range tracking figures for the “Birds of Prey” film are out at Box Office Pro and the DC Comics adaptation is currently expected to score between $40-60 million in the United States when it opens early February.

The site more specifically predicts somewhere around $49 million, putting it on par with the $53.5 million that “Shazam!” scored back in April of this year. That film grossed a solid $365 million worldwide.

The figures come in as the cast spoke with Total Film (via Games Rader) recently and star Margot Robbie says the cast didn’t need much time to form chemistry with each other:

“I think that there was an immediate understanding between the women. We could all recognise that, ‘This is sick. We’re the chicks, and we get to do this shit. This is awesome’. We didn’t really need to work at finding a bond, because we kind of all clicked to begin with. And we also did chemistry reads beforehand. So we all bounced off each other quickly and easily.”

While the film’s rating hasn’t been finalised yet, it’s expected the feature will score an R with Robbie saying in set visit interviews published last week that the darker subject matter was a big draw of returning to the character after she had to censor herself a bit to suit the tamer rating of “Suicide Squad”.

Check out some new shots from the film below. “Birds of Prey” opens in cinemas February 5th.