Ben Affleck for “Pearl Harbor”

Q. What Was Boot Camp Like?

Answer: “First of all it was the most physically gruelling experience of my life, and second of all it actually helped me feel more authentic, and gave me more respect for what guys in the military go through and made me not feel like a complete fraud putting on a uniform”

Question: You’ve said the most emotional day for you was the memorial service before the film’s production, why?

Answer: “It was a profoundly moving experience, not that it was difficult per se for me, it gave me a sense of…it was a very awe inspiring and humbling, and it made me gawping in the sense of oh boy, we’d better do the right thing by this story here because its real people, real consequences”.

Question: What was the most difficult day of the actual filming?

Answer: “The day after my brother’s birthday when I had to come to work and Michael wanted to put us on this huge airplane on a spike – its a real airplane and a crane has a spike attached to it and they just mount it onto the crane and then they can twist it around, turn it upside down and do all these dives – it gets great footage. Unfortunately it only has too look like a plane from the outside, inside its like a toolbox full of shit – every time it turns over, you get pelted by 800 loose screws”

Question: What did you want to see this project achieve?

Answer: “I wanted a movie on the whole to be classic and to feel like a movie that could’ve been made in the 40’s and have that sensibility…I wanted to live up to the standards that have been set by some extraordinary filmmakers that have done them before – I don’t think you can approach a script that way, I don’t think you can approach the look of a film that way but you can approach the individual work you’re doing on a character that way. I think that the way Michael was shooting, it would look iconic – it would look, sort of grand and classic…I tried to play it as honestly, and realistically and as earnestly as I could”.

Question: Have you been approached to do a ‘Preacher’ movie?

Answer: “My concern is that it may be too much like ‘Dogma’ to do it, that its the same theme. Although I like the Preacher series”.

Question: What have you been up to since working on “Pearl Harbor”?

Answer: “I just finished Kevin Smith’s last movie which you can see the trailer for on the Internet, that’s a great movie trailer. I like this thing about Internet trailers because generally they don’t have to be rated making them…so, you can be profane which evidently I like – its actually a very fun trailer”.

Question: What is it about Kevin Smith that you like working with so much?

Answer: “You develop a repoire and a relationship with someone with whom you work over a long period of time, and he’s somebody I consider to be a very, very close friend…I love him to death”.

Question: Why did you choose a project like Tom Clancy’s “The Sum of All Fears” to do next?

Answer: “One of the things we get to show about the CIA is how very ordinary and pedestrian it is in a lot of ways. In a lot of ways its kind of a graduate program in Soviet studies really, except all the doors have locks and people have certain codenames and sometimes they kill you…I was at Langley, spent a day there”.

Question: How do the filmmakers plan to explain the new look Jack Ryan?

Answer: “It’s the same guy, the same Jack Ryan but it’s uhh…its kind of like what the ‘Batman: Year One’ movies are to the Batman franchise…I’ve only been working at the CIA for 14 months, its kind of an origin story you know”.

Other Facts Garnered:

When he met the survivors from the Doolittle raid, one of them had spent several years in a Japanese POW camp after being captured in China. The scenes in China and on the raid had a lot of details construed from interviews with them.

His favourite scene to shoot in the movie was when they shot the scene with Kate Beckinsale on the elevator on the side of “The Queen Mary” which was done halfway through the movie.