“Batwoman” Ordered To Series, Gets A Brief Tease

Batwoman Ordered To Series Gets A Brief Tease

With the network Fall upfront presentations taking place next week, it is crunch time for the five big free-to-air’s to determine what shows will go to series later this year.

The smallest of the group, The CW, has locked down its choices with three new series – the Arrow-verse spin-off series “Batwoman” starring Ruby Rose, the “Riverdale” spin-off series “Katy Keene” starring Lucy Hale, and a new take on “Nancy Drew” starring Kennedy McMann.

All three hail from regular CW producing stalwarts – Greg Berlanti behind the two spin-offs while “Gossip Girl” alums Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are spearheading the new “Nancy Drew”. A fourth pilot, “Glamorous” starring Ben J. Pierce, also remains in contention with a pickup decision pending.

Two other pilots, however, fell by the wayside – “The Lost Boys” series reboot underwhelmed, but the network still wants to make it work and will try again with a new pilot and possible re-castings sometime next year. Plans for the “Jane the Virgin” spin-off “Jane the Novela” have been scrapped.

The CW previously renewed all 14 of its current series, the new additions bringing them up to 17 along with making TV history with “Batwoman” including the first gay lead character, male or female, to lead a live-action superhero series.

The CW’s DC Universe has been lauded for diversity and LGBT representation in recent years as it has featured numerous gay characters, including several superheroes, quite a few of whom have been played by openly gay actors and many of their storylines given the same importance and matter-of-factness as the straight characters.

Rose first appeared as the Batwoman/Kate Kane character in last year’s annual Arrow-verse crossover event and with “Arrow” itself wrapping up next year after a limited run, it’s likely this will take over its slot.