Baby Yoda’s Real Name To Be Revealed?

Baby Yodas Real Name To Be Revealed

The hype over “The Mandalorian” has died down somewhat as the series progressed, even as the episodes have improved in quality in the back half.

However, one thing that still remains ever-present is Baby Yoda, the cute character becoming a pop culture phenomenon in their own right. Officially referred to as ‘The Child’ in material, everyone has taken to calling it Baby Yoda even though we know that’s not its real name.

In a new interview this week with the SW YouTube Channel, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed he knows the character’s real name and says that information will carry with it some importance when it’s revealed. He also says showrunner Jon Favreau is not a fan of the Baby Yoda moniker:

“We don’t refer to the Child or the Asset the way that the world is referring to the Child or the Asset. Baby Yoda, that’s a no-no. I got chastised, in my early emails to Jon Favreau, I referenced in my emails Baby Yoda. It just seemed easy, and I got my wrist slapped by Jon a few times. ‘It’s not Baby Yoda!’ I think people really want to know, what’s its name? What’s its real name? I know its real name and it’s one of the reasons that I have extra security now because I don’t want to be given some kind of truth serum by someone.”

Iger says he and the studio have great faith in Favreau as a storyteller who “knows how to use technology for the good of his stories and the good of the audience”. Will we learn The Child’s real name in the season finale airing this Friday? That’s not certain. The show has already begun production of the second season so the reveal could well be held off until then.