Albert Hughes To Direct “North Hollywood”

Albert Hughes To Direct North Hollywood

Albert Hughes (“From Hell,” “Alpha,” “The Book of Eli”) has been set to direct the true story ultra-realistic action-thriller feature “North Hollywood” for Stampede.

Penned by “Inside Man” scribe Russell Gurwitz, the story deals with a deadly February 1997 North Hollywood shootout where the LAPD and a pair of bank robbers with a military-grade arsenal engaged in a morning gun battle on the San Fernando Valley streets.

It is considered the largest shootout in the history of U.S. law enforcement and in the end, both suspects were killed while twelve officers and eight bystanders were injured and bullet holes from about 2,000 rounds of ammo were ultimately found.

Advanced discussions are underway to assemble a large ensemble cast and filming aims to begin early next year in New Mexico. Greg Silverman, Lisa Zambri, Stephen Crawford, Ava Jamshidi, David Ayer and Chris Long will produce.

Source: Deadline