Wilson, Farmiga Join “Annabelle 3”

Wilson Farmiga Join Annabelle 3

The Warrens are returning to “The Conjuring” cinematic universe with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson set to reprise their roles of Lorraine and Ed in the upcoming third “Annabelle” film.

The new film sees the Warrens again being the focus as they attempt to protect their young ten-year-old daughter from the evil spirit inside the Annabelle doll which has been safely locked up in the Warrens’ artifacts room.

All three of the released ‘Conjuring’ spin-offs so far have been penned by Gary Dauberman who will make his directorial debut on this. Farmiga and Wilson’s characters have only appeared in the main two “Conjuring” films to date, meaning this will be the first spin-off they’re involved in.

The film also stars Mckenna Grace as the young Warren child Judy, and Madison Iseman in an unnamed role. The most recent spin-off “The Nun” has pulled in $359 million worldwide so far.

“Annabelle 3” is expected to hit cinemas on July 3rd 2019.

Source: Deadline