What “Alien: Awakening” Would’ve Been About

It’s clear Ridley Scott had plans for at least one more “Alien” film beyond both “Prometheus” and “Alien: Covenant”. At the time of the release of ‘Covenant’, the tease of a third project by the working title of “Alien: Awakening” was out there but beyond that little was known.

Scott was already lining up the film to be his follow-up to “All the Money in the World”. However, ‘Covenant’ scored mixed reviews and bombed at the box-office. At the same time the Disney-Fox deal has thrown the future of any of Fox’s franchises aimed at adults into question essentially nixed the idea of another film in the series anytime in the near future.

Now Empire Magazine (via HN Entertainment) has posted a report indicating that ‘Covenant’ scribe John Logan completed work on the script for a sequel which would have picked up exactly where ‘Covenant’ left off with Michael Fassbender’s controversial character David and the return of the Engineers with the survivors of that race coming after the genocidal android.

Scott previously said “we’re gonna actually go to the planet” by which he likely refers to either the Engineer homeworld and/or LV-426. Rumors of a potential TV series based on the “Alien” franchise are circling, but for now it looks like “Alien: Awakening” has gone the way of Neil Blomkamp’s direct sequel to “Aliens” idea – interesting possibilities that never progressed.