Villeneuve Offers An Update On “Dune”

French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve has given an update on his planned new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s iconic sci-fi novel “Dune”.

Prior to departing for the Cannes Film Festival, Villeneuve spoke with Quebec publication La Press and confirmed (via Reddit translation) the script’s status and confirmed that it will be a two-film adaptation:

“Eric Roth has written the first draft and then I worked on it on my side. I have not had such fun creatively since “Incendies”. I wish I could direct both movies at the same time but it would have been too expensive. We’ll do them one at a time.”

Villeneuve adds that he plans to start pre-production on the film ‘soon’. He previously indicated the project would ultimately take two years to make.

Two completed adaptations of the work have been brought to the screen – David Lynch’s 1984 film and Syfy’s 2000 mini-series, neither was well-received. A big part of the problem is the work is so dense both thematically and in its world-building that a single film struggles to contain it.