The Four “Avatar” Sequel Titles Revealed?

BBC News has posted that they’ve seen ‘documentation’ containing plans for the future of the “Avatar” franchise, plans that reference the titles of four specific projects.

As we know James Cameron is working on four sequels to his 2009 sci-fi epic, so the speculation now is that these titles will be the film titles – though it’s possible they’re also placeholder titles used during production or for other tie-in works like games. Either way, 20th Century Fox will NOT be commenting on the report’s veracity.

The titles? “Avatar: The Way of Water,” “Avatar: The Seed Bearer,” “Avatar: The Tulkun Rider” and “Avatar: The Quest for Eywa”. ‘Way of the Water’ matches the talk that the second film will focus heavily on underwater sequences.

Whatever their final titles are, “Avatar 2” will hit cinemas December 18th 2020, “Avatar 3” arrives December 17th 2021, “Avatar 4” opens December 20th 2024, and “Avatar 5” strikes on December 19th 2025.

Source: BBC News