That New “Guardians” Trailer Is The Last One

Following the release of the full trailer yesterday, filmmaker James Gunn has confirmed that there will be no further trailers for his upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” film from Marvel Studios.

The new ‘Guardians’ has had three trailers and a Superbowl commercial Despite all that, so far the film has managed to keep much of itself under wraps with only a handful of scenes revealed. Gunn understandably wants to keep it that way, confirming on Twitter this was the final theatrical trailer ahead of the film’s March 5th release.

Some new footage may pop up in clips and TV spots though in coming weeks. Gunn also confirmed the scene in the one-joke trailer ‘tease’ on Monday, the one involving Drax’s loud chewing, will NOT be in the final film.

Additionally, Gunn used a Facebook Live session this week to shoot down rumors that both Darkhawk and Adam Warlock are in the film following toys for the characters appearing at New York Toy Fair.