“Star Trek Discovery” Not Sending Out Screeners

A week out from the premiere of CBS All Access’ “Star Trek: Discovery” and it has been revealed that reviews for the premiere have been embargoed until after it airs.

EW reports that the company is not sending out screeners to critics for the new show. The embargo meanwhile is for those attending upcoming New York and Los Angeles premiere events.

This is not unfamiliar, this past Summer saw a similar approach taken with the new seasons of “Game of Thrones” and “Twin Peaks”. Both of those though were riding on a wave of good buzz and had generated a wide level of excitement before airing.

‘Discovery’ meanwhile has had more of a mixed reaction, in part due to the show’s trouble production history, and has to sell audiences on signing up for another streaming service if they already haven’t.

This is part of CBS’ strategy though, and they’re good at keeping things pretty secret – once production properly began there’s been nothing really in the way of leaks. Even the show’s cast reportedly hasn’t seen an episode yet.

The first two episodes air on CBS All Access on September 24th and will then hit Netflix in global markets the next day.