Stan Lee Isn’t In “Dark Phoenix”

Stan Lee Isnt In Dark Phoenix

As the world is still dealing with the passing of comics legend Stan Lee, the question has been raised as to what will be his last onscreen appearance.

Lee has cameoed in all of the Marvel Studios films, both “Deadpool” films, two of the “Fantastic Four” films, three of the “X-Men” movies, all five pre-MCU “Spider-Man” films along with “Venom,” “Daredevil” (2003), “Hulk” (2003), “Kick-Ass,” “Mallrats,” “Big Hero 6” and more including multiple TV series.

Lee will next be heard lending his voice to both “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” this Fall, and will appear on screen in “Captain Marvel” and the fourth “Avengers” next year.

Will there be anymore beyond that? EW reports Lee never filmed a cameo for the upcoming “X-Men” feature “Dark Phoenix” and it’s unclear if he was scheduled to do one or was never set to appear, but the trade believes it wasn’t intended for Lee to ever cameo due to the new film being a grounded and grittier take on the franchise.

“Dark Phoenix” opens June 7th 2019. Marvel Entertainment has also posted a tribute video to Lee today which you can see below: