“Pirates of the Caribbean” Ride Gets Changed

One of the most controversial elements in Disneyland’s famed “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride is a scene in which a woman is lined up for auction along with the sign “Auction, Take a wench for a bride”.

Disney Parks announced on its blog this week that when the ride closes for routine maintenance in 2018, the scene will be altered to depict villagers lined up to give up their valuables and the sign to say “Auction, surrender yer loot”.

The tall, red-haired woman currently present in the ride as a prize will remain but be recast as a pirate herself, holding a rifle and wearing a feathered hat as she oversees the booty submission.

The beloved ride has been subject to at least two previous alterations to remove a sexist tone before. Walt Disney World’s version of the ride will also be subject to the same modifications.

The news was quietly pushed out on the Disney Parks blog this week, but talk about the change has since exploded over social media leading to online debate over authenticity, sanitizing history, political correctness and more.

Source: Variety