Pinar Toprak To Compose “Captain Marvel”

Pinar Toprak has been set as the composer of “Captain Marvel,” the upcoming Marvel Studios film starring Brie Larson as the most powerful hero of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The project marks the first female-fronted film in the MCU, the first to be directed (or in this case co-directed) by a woman, and Toprak will be the first woman to score a feature for the studio.

The hiring comes as Larson has caused some fan talk with a recent E! Interview in which she described her characters as strong enough to “move planets” – which is more than her comic book counterpart ever did.

Toprak most recently was responsible for score work on both Syfy’s series “Krypton” and the popular video game “Fortnite”. Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are directing “Captain Marvel” which is in production ahead of a March 8th 2019 release.

Source: Heat Vision