New “Akira” Gets “Predator” Production Designer?

Production designer Martin Whist has reportedly boarded the long in the works live-action film adaptation of the classic manga series “Akira” at Warner Bros. Pictures reports Omega Underground.

At last report filmmaker Taika Waititi (“Thor: Ragnarok,” “Hunt for the Wilderpeople”) was in talks with Warners to direct, but he has yet to either formally commit or pass on the project. He has indicated a desire to follow the original comics closer rather than the iconic 1988 anime film which only adapted a part of the story.

Waititi has also said that if he directs, he won’t whitewash the leads as was done with last year’s controversial “Ghost in the Shell” live-action film. Jordan Peele (“Get Out”), Justin Lin (“Star Trek Beyond”) and Daniel Espinosa (“Life”) have all been previously linked as potential directors of the film.

Whist’s last six films as a production designer have been filmed at one of the big studios in Canada which offers a good indicator “Akira” could film there too. Whist’s work includes “Super 8,” “Cloverfield,” “Warm Bodies,” the “RoboCop” remake, and most recently Shane Black’s “The Predator”.