Netflix Considers HDR Content Extra Charge?

Streaming giant Netflix is reportedly looking at re-tooling its current three-tier streaming plan for a fourth ‘Ultra’ option which would cost $16.99 USD per month – the most expensive of the four.

Presently the streamer offers Basic, Standard and Premium plans – the $7.99 ‘Basic’ comes in standard definition and only allow for one stream at a time, the $10.99 ‘Standard’ is in high-definition 1080p and allows for two simultaneous streams, and the $13.99 ‘Premium’ is in ultra high-definition 4K and allows for four simultaneous streams.

Two versions of the new plan will be tested. One will see ‘Premium’ drop from four to two Ultra HD streams while ‘Ultra’ will offer four Ultra HD streams. The other has both having four Ultra HD streams but only ‘Ultra’ will also have access to high dynamic range (HDR) content. broke the story and Netflix has since confirmed the Ultra tests, with only a subset of customers to be shown the higher-priced options.

Source: Variety