Kevin Smith: “The Snyder Cut Exists… Sort Of”

Kevin Smith The Snyder Cut Exists Sort Of

Warners is continuing to be pillaged on social media by people demanding ‘The Snyder Cut,’ the very rough assembly cut version of Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” before the helmer departed shortly after shooting wrapped.

Does it exist? There are various people arguing it does and doesn’t, and now filmmaker and DC fanboy Kevin Smith has weighed in with what he knows. Appearing on the ReelBlend podcast, he confirmed that he’s certain the ‘Snyder Cut’ exists but it’s not in a format that’s going to be consumable without some serious work:

“I’ve not seen it firsthand. I’ve spoken now to enough people at various levels in that production. There IS a Snyder cut. For sure. That’s not a mythical beast. It exists.

Now, it’s not a finished movie by any stretch of the imagination. There were things that went away from the story that they shot that didn’t wind up going into (visual) effects or anything like that.

So I would assume, based on what I’ve been told, that large sections of that Snyder Cut are, you know, pre-viz (with) a lot of green screen. We’re not talking a finished movie…the one I’ve heard everyone speak of was never a finished film. It was a movie that people in production could watch and fill in the blanks. It was certainly not meant for mass consumption.”

Smith suggests Warners could release an unfinished version with Snyder popping up during those missing scenes to explain what was meant to happen. Snyder has continued to talked about his version on social media, releasing concept art and photos from it on Vero.