“Jupiter’s Legacy” TV Series In Development

As part of a lengthy new interview, famed former Warners exec turned “Transformers” and “G.I. Joe” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has also spoken about a number of other projects he’s working on and developing.

One of them is an adaptation of “Kick-Ass” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service” author Mark Millar’s comic title “Jupiter’s Legacy”. That comic follows the offspring of a team of Depression Era superheroes, children who struggle to live in the shadow of their parents. The property explores the idea of the impact of superheroes on a society in a sprawling and interconnected series of perspectives.

A year ago di Bonaventura revealed he was developing a film version of the property, now he says that’s changed when he was asked why he has yet to work on a superhero film. His response:

“Not for lack of interest. As an executive, I oversaw some Batmans and tried to get Superman going. But that market is saturated now. I have a project with Mark Millar, who wrote [the comic that became] Kingsman: The Secret Service, that is a superhero project: Jupiter’s Legacy. What attracted me to it was it’s not repeating what everybody else has done. It’s not yet set up at a studio. Its universe is so expansive that it’s, in some ways, more conducive to a television treatment. I’m doing it either way.”

With the project still so early in development, “Jupiter’s Legacy” does not have a potiential production date as yet.

Source: THR