Jason Blum Talks Collapsing Movie Windows

Veteran film producer Jason Blum says that film distribution is about to undergo a massive sea change, and now more than ever is the time to give up some romantic notions about big screen releases.

Speaking at the Recode Code Media conference this week in California (via Variety), Blum specified a surprisingly short under two years time frame for many films to make the jump to day-and-date theatrical & VOD releases. He also says filmmakers who are hung up on seeing their work on the big screen are missing the big picture:

“I think there are some movies that will stay in the traditional movies and most movies where the windowing will collapse… we are so beyond the time of telling kids where they need to see what. You are killing your own business.

We should have [theatrical] as an option for them but I would be just as happy if we had an option at home too. As long as the economics are the same and we can make different kind of things.”

Blum praises Netflix and Amazon for not only making distribution more efficient, but for opening up a fresh market for serious-minded adult fare. He suggests these kind of films would otherwise go ignored or even not get made these days if it weren’t for streaming giants with deep pockets and more lenient attitudes towards artists:

“Five years ago, if you tried to make ‘Manchester By the Sea’ it’s not getting made. The theatrical drama or the feature length drama was almost gone and now it’s just come back in force because there is a real market for adult dramas and the traditional movie distribution wasn’t reaching that.”

The comments come as it has been reported that early talks are underway for a service of some sort, one involving several studios and offering premium priced releases at home to stream within three weeks of a film’s theatrical release, will launch within the timeframe he suggests.