“Infinity War” Spoiler Fears Over Early Screening

Marvel Studios is going out of its way to keep the secrets of “Avengers: Infinity War” secret as long as possible.

From moving the U.S. date up to be in line with the rest of the world, to an embargo on both social media reactions and full reviews until the week of release, fans won’t have to worry about reviews or postings spoiling it for them so long as they avoid social media for a little under a week.

However, word today may have changed that with the news that Marvel Studios will reportedly hold an early fan screening of the movie on April 8th in London – nearly three weeks ahead of everyone else. Some fans have suggested the screening will only be of the first act of the movie, which wouldn’t be as much an issue.

NDAs and embargoes will also likely apply, though it’s not clear if they’ll be obeyed and how they’ll be enforced. No ticketing information is available at this time, but the announcement is still up at Premiere Scene.