Idris Elba Shoots Down James Bond Talk

Idris Elba Shoots Down James Bond Talk

One of the sillier rumors in recent days have swirled around acclaimed British actor Idris Elba being seriously up for the role of the next James Bond.

Elba’s name has long been speculated about as a potential candidate, but the actor’s age and the fact that Daniel Craig hasn’t even begun filming his fifth film as yet have kept him ruled out for now.

Indeed the reports of his casting over the weekend were mostly just wild rumor fuelled by a British tabloid report suggesting director Antoine Fuqua and longtime Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli had a meeting with Elba considered to be “a possibility” for the Bond role.

Fuqua subsequently shot down the talk, saying no such conversation had taken place. Now Elba himself has responded to the original report, saying on Twitter: “Don’t believe the hype.” Elba is currently gearing up to play the villain in the upcoming “Fast and Furious” spinoff “Hobbs And Shaw”.

As for the next Bond film, Variety reporter Justin Kroll says EON is currently meeting with actors and actresses for the roles of the film’s villain and love interest and aren’t recasting Bond anytime soon.