Gillian Anderson As Princess Leia? Almost

Gillian Anderson As Princess Leia Almost

Starz’s “American Gods” series returns in March for a second season and it’s not clear what kind of show we’ll get when it does.

Following the show’s first season wrapping up, showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green departed the project and several stars jumped ship with them including “The X-Files” and “Hannibal” actress Gillian Anderson as the New God called Media.

In the first season, Anderson dressed in outfits that made her resemble Lucille Ball and Marilyn Monroe. io9 reports that on his Twitter account last night, Fuller spoke more about what the show’s second season might have looked like had Starz kept him and Green on board – with one of them being that she would appear as both Fred Rogers and “Star Wars” character Princess Leia.

Fuller also indicated in the tweet they had crafted the season, wrote five episodes and were in the process of reducing the show’s scope due to a dramatic budget reduction by the network when they were fired. Jesse Alexander took over as showrunner on the show’s second season.

The tweet appears to have been deleted, even after several outlets had already picked it up, but show star Ricky Whittle has since responded with: “For the record @BryanFuller and @andmichaelgreen were and are incredible humans who I have nothing but love and admiration for. Grateful for the opportunity, belief and positive environment they gave me and our cast during their time with us.”