Gadot Explains Key “Wonder Woman” Retcon

A few weeks out from “Justice League” hitting cinemas, and actress Gal Gadot has confirmed in a new interview that in the wake of the reaction to “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” her “Wonder Woman” solo film underwent some changes that has effectively negated a key element of her character’s first appearance. In other words, “Wonder Woman” retconned “Batman v Superman”.

In ‘Dawn,’ the character came off as jaded, revealing she had turned her back on mankind a century ago and was reluctant to get involved with humanity’s troubles. The end of “Wonder Woman” however featured a voiceover from Diana in which she says she has no plans on giving up on mankind: “Only love can save this world. So I stay. I fight, and I give…for the world I know it can be. This is my mission, now. Forever.”

So has she given up on us? Nope. Speaking at a Chinese press event for the movie yesterday (via, Gadot says the idea of her character doing that has been dropped entirely:

“None of us knew exactly, exactly, the back story of Wonder Woman. And once they decided to shoot the solo movie for Wonder Woman and we started to dig in to understand the core of this character, we realized that, actually, there is no way that Wonder Woman would ever give up on mankind. The reason why she left the island was because she wanted to make their life better and safer – they are her calling. So – I’m giving you a very honest answer – sometimes, in a creative process, you establish something that is not necessarily the right decision, but then you can always correct it and change it. So Wonder Woman will always be there as far as she concerns for mankind.”

Continuity sticklers will no doubt have a field day. “Justice League,” which is a direct follow-up to ‘Dawn of Justice,’ opens in theaters November 17th.