Fuller Departs “The Vampire Chronicles”

Bryan Fuller has once again departed a series after only being involved in it for a few months – the fourth such time in the past 18 months or so he’s left a show either in development or production.

Nerdist broke the news, saying this time it’s the series adaptation of Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles”. Paramount TV optioned all eleven books in the series last year with Rice and Fuller serving as executive producers and Christopher Rice serving as the show’s main writer and showrunner.

The books center around 18th century French nobleman Lestat de Lioncourt who becomes a vampire. The first book was previously adapted into the acclaimed 1994 Neil Jordan film starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt which became a massive box-office success.

The project joins “Star Trek Discovery,” “American Gods” and the “Amazing Stories” reboot which Fuller ended up exiting early on. Chris Rice says in a tweet the series is still moving forward.