Fox Plans “Silver Surfer” & More “X-Men” Films

Though the common belief has been that the merger of Disney and 20th Century Fox means the latter has slowed down the development of their “X-Men” films, Heat Vision has a new report that indicates the opposite is true.

In fact, Fox is now reportedly developing more Marvel-related projects now than they ever have in the past. The biggest new reveal is that the studio is developing a “Silver Surfer” stand-alone movie which is being penned by Eisner award-winning writer Brian K. Vaughan.

Fox is also sticking to its planned schedule of two “X-Men” films this year (“Deadpool 2,” “X-Men: Dark Phoenix”) and then three in 2019 and three in 2020. The three in 2019 are looking likely to be “The New Mutants,” “Gambit” and “X-Force” with the latter set to begin filming in October.

Additionally, the “New Mutants” delay is reportedly so that additional photography can be done to add a whole new character to the narrative, though which character it could be remains to be seen.

The projects join Noah Hawley’s “Doctor Doom” film and the recently announced Kitty Pryde film from Brian Michael Bendis and Tim Miller. Due to the time taken 3with the merger, it’s expected the fourth “Avengers” film will NOT address the X-Men at all.