First Trailer: Blake Lively In “Rhythm Section”

First Trailer Blake Lively In Rhythm Section

The first trailer has arrived for the long in the works “The Rhythm Section,” psychological spy thriller starring “The Shallows” and “A Simple Favor” star Blake Lively and hailing from James Bond franchise producer Barbara Broccoli.

Lively plays Stephanie Patrick, a woman who takes drastic action after losing everything she has when her family tragically dies in a plane crash. Blaming herself, the lonely woman has spiralled down to a dark place – developing an opioid and alcohol addiction.

Her life turns around when Stephanie meets an investigative journalist (Sterling K. Brown) who reveals to her that he’s been tipped off by a Secret Service agent (Jude Law) that the tragedy wasn’t an accident, but a terrorist attack that the government has covered up.

She then makes it her mission to seek justice and get her revenge on those responsible. The mostly Europe-set feature is based on the book by Mark Burnell who adapted the script, and was helmed by Emmy-winning “The Handmaid’s Tale” director Reed Morano. Broccoli talked with Bustle about how Lively’s character is different to the other action heroines in these kinds of films”

“A lot of these movies that have had female action heroes make you feel like they’re male fantasies of what a woman would be like in this situation. This is much more gritty and realistic, and intentionally so. We wanted to show [Stephanie’s story] from a female point of view, and from a point of view of an average person… [this explores] the toll [Stephanie’s mission] takes on her emotionally throughout the story.”

Lively says of her character: “She responds like any person would. She’s scared shitless but fights for her life. She doesn’t have real training or expertise but she has the primal power of the human will.” She’s also one with her own agency throughout her journey. “The Rhythm Section” premieres in U.S. cinemas on January 31st 2020.