Feige Talks Doctor Strange Joining “Avengers”

Further comments from Marvel’s Kevin Feige are coming out in the press interviews for “Guardians of the Galaxy,” this time it’s IGN UK.

The site asked him about the upcoming “Doctor Strange” film and the chances of it being a franchise that exists entirely unto itself, as opposed to his character being a part of the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and, more specifically, future “Avengers” movies. Feige says:

“It does make sense [to have standalone franchises], but I don’t think it makes sense for this character, who has clearly woven in and out of that stuff [The Avengers] in the comics. We have a template. There’s a template for everything we do, which are the comics.

Strange goes back and forth. Guardians less so, actually, until recently. But if there’s a character like that who clearly interweaves over the course of many stories, I find no reason to go, ‘We’re not going to do that in the movies. We’re going to keep him in his own movies.’ So there’s always the potential for it [Strange to join The Avengers]”

As for when they’ll announce the role’s casting, Feige says he doesn’t think it’ll be as soon as Comic Con next weekend, BUT “it’ll be relatively quickly.”