Favreau Reveals One Real “Lion King” Shot

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Disney Pictures believes enough in the photorealism of their new CG animated “The Lion King” adaptation that the film’s director Jon Favreau was able to include one real live-action shot mixed somewhere in the film to prove it’s indistinguishable from the rest of it.

The filmmaker has now finally revealed what that shot is, and you won’t miss seeing it – turns out it’s the opening shot of the film, a landscape photo of the sun rising over Africa. The film otherwise consists of 1490 rendered shots in the final cut.

“The Lion King” has been criticised for going too realistic, thus the animals can’t emote like humans and ultimately delivering a rather cold film even if it is a beat-for-beat remake of its 1994 predecessor. In less than two weeks in cinemas though, it has made over $728 million worldwide.