EuropaCorp Plans “American Flagg!” Series

EuropaCorp TV Studios has acquired the rights to Howard Chaykin’s classic 1983 comic series “American Flagg!” with plans to develop it as a television series.

The satirical work is set in a high-tech consumerist future in which the U.S. government has relocated to Mars and left the nation’s Earth-bound populace to be governed by the all-encompassing corporation ‘The Plex’.

The story follows Reuben Flagg, a former TV star drafted into law enforcement in a corrupt, shopping mall-esque Chicago. The original work explored prescient themes of corporate-controlled government, reality TV, militarized police, ubiquitous surveillance, political tribalism, media consolidation, and a resurgence of neo-Nazi fascism.

EuropaCorp is out to writers and directors. Chaykin, Mark Wheeler, Rick Alexander and Luc Besson will executive produce.

Source: Deadline