Edgar Wright Talks What’s Next For Him

It has been four years since beloved filmmaker Edgar Wright has been on the big screen. Now though he’s finally returning with “Baby Driver,” the heist thriller boasting action choreographed and matched to a great soundtrack.

In the last year or two, Wright’s name has been attached to several projects. One such project is the young adult adaptation “Grasshopper Jungle” about six-foot-tall praying mantises taking over a small town, set against a young man’s sexual awakening. Asked by Collider if that’s next for him, he says:

“Potentially. It’s one of a couple of things that I’m developing. It’s a book that I really enjoyed and there’s a good screenplay and stuff. The exact next thing I don’t have entirely worked out, but that is one of the things in the mix, yeah. The book was really good, really interesting way of doing a coming-of-age movie and I thought it was really progressive as well.”

Wright also confirms the sci-fi feature “Collider” is also in the mix, but it’s “really in the script stage. It’s quite an ambitious idea, it’s something we’ve been working on for quite a while.”

One other is the DreamWorks Animation film “Shadows” which sounds like it has been killed due to a studio regime change:

“Well I wrote three drafts of that, but because of the whole regime change there, most of the people that hired me and David Walliams to do it don’t work there anymore. So at the moment, that’s not something that I’m necessarily attached to I think. It’s something that’s TBD.”

“Baby Driver” meanwhile opens June 28th.