E3 2018: Nintendo Switch Trailers

The Nintendo Direct live stream for E3 2018 has aired and the various trailers screened during the presentation are now up. Sadly there’s few tentpole games this year beyond a new fast-paced mech action game called “Daemon X Machina,” DLC for the “Xenoblade Chronicles” sequel, a new “Mario Party” title and the biggest of the lot – “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” which hits December 7th.

There are quite a few smaller games though including new “Fire Emblem” and “Overcooked” titles, and indies like “Killer Queen Black” and “Octopath Traveller”. All of these games will hit during the Fall or winter and are exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Super Mario Party

Daemon X Machina


Fire Emblem Three Houses

Overcooked 2

Killer Queen Black

Hollow Knight

Octopath Traveler

SNK Heroines