“Dylan” Pilot Reinvents “Dylan Dog”

Austrian director Kevin Kopacka and his partner Alex Bakshaev have nearly wrapped up production on the pilot for a new TV series inspired by Tiziano Sclavi’s cult Italian horror/noir comic “Dylan Dog”.

In the project Dylan is a ‘nightmare investigator’ who, along with his unique assistant, solves cases dealing with the unknown and the paranormal.

For copyright reasons, Kopacka has changed the name of the characters but the essence of the comics is retained in the pilot episode titled “Dream of the Living Dead”. A brief teaser for it can be seen below.

Ford Everett stars as Dylan, Denise Ankel as Morgana and Harry Baer as Inspektor Mahlow. With the shoot wrapped, the pilot aims to be finished by mid-2017.

Brandon Routh starred in a previous attempted film adaptation in 2011 which tanked with critics and at the box-office. Sclavi also penned cult cinematic classic “Cemetery Man” with Rupert Everett.