Dredd 2 To Be A Prequel, Not A Sequel?

In spite of its $35 million worldwide haul, fans are still keen on seeing a sequel to 2012’s “Dredd,” the Karl Urban-led film adaptation of the “Judge Dredd” comics.

Urban himself has said on a number of occasions it could happen some day, others involved have been as hopeful but more realistic about the likelihood being slim to none.

Now, appearing at Chicago Comic-Con, Urban has thrown a twist into the reports. The actor now says a prequel, rather than a sequel, is more likely to get the go ahead. He tells Shallow Graves:

“Why yes, there is a definite possibility. But, it is more likely that we will do the origins story with Dredd trekking through the cursed earth to find the first Chief Judge Fargo.”

In the comics Dredd was said to be a clone from first Chief Judge Fargo who was never seen again after that revelation. The ‘Origins’ storyline then saw Dredd and a team travel across the Cursed Earth in search of Fargo. Max von Sydow portrayed a variation of the role in the 1995 “Judge Dredd” film.