Don’t Expect A “Power Rangers” Sequel

In recent years, the global box-office has been the saviour of a number of potential franchise launchers. However, it is not a guaranteed hit maker – as Lionsgate found out the hard way with the recent “Power Rangers” reboot.

The $100 million-budgeted film adaptation of the classic 1990s TV series opened domestically with over $40 million, but that figure proved front loaded with the film ultimately closing out with $85 million total.

The movie opened in China yesterday, one of the last stops on its global rollout, and sadly had an opening day haul of just $1.2 million. At present, the overseas box-office take has been just $50 million to date and Forbes predicts that the final total will be $60 million.

That brings the film’s global box-office haul to $145 million. To cover marketing and exhibition costs, films have to earn around 2.5-3 times their production budget. If that projection holds, it means that Lionsgate will take a loss on the film. With the lack of a helpful Chinese box-office, chances of a sequel would appear slim short of the film over-performing on home video.

“Power Rangers” will be available on Digital HD starting June 13th and Blu-ray/DVD on June 27th.