Disney Talks Future Marvel & Fox Slate Plans

Disney Talks Future Marvel Fox Slate Plans

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger appears to have confirmed that announcements for Marvel Studios’ upcoming films will arrive this summer and tells Variety: “There are huge opportunities, there are many many different directions that we can go”.

This correlates to recent comments made by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige regarding “Spider-Man: Far From Home” serving as the final film of Marvel Phase 3. The big question though is how the announcement will take place – will it be as part of a Comic Con panel in which case it would likely take place on July 24th, or will it be a separate event – much like the way the Phase 3 films were unveiled.

Iger’s comments took place during the studio’s quarterly earnings call Wednesday where he also confirmed the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series will be just as essential viewing as the films as the shows. These stories are “platform agnostic…. intricately linked and tied to the storytelling” in the MCU’s overall narrative – and they’re doing that approach because: “No one else is doing that”.

He also confirmed that the studio will effectively be cutting 20th Century Fox’s slate of films by more than half in future years. According to Iger, Fox will only make and release 5-6 new movies a year. In recent years the studio has put out 12-13 films annually, though that number has swelled to as high as 18 in 2014.

Finally, it has been confirmed “Captain Marvel” will be coming to Digital HD on May 28th along with Blu-ray and DVD on June 11th, while “Avengers: Endgame” will debut on the service on December 11th, roughly a month after Disney Plus launches.