Disney+ Chief On Adult Content, Stumbles

Disney Chief On Adult Content Stumbles

Speaking at Recode’s Code Media conference in Los Angeles Tuesday, Disney’s direct-to-consumer chairman Kevin Mayer says technical issues regarding the launch of Disney+ last week are entirely on them.

Specifically some had thought Amazon and its cloud-computing network which helped deliver the system was the one causing the dropouts, glitches and other issues the app was experiencing due to the high volume of demand for the service on its first day. Mayer, however, says (via Variety) that: “it had to do with the way we architected the app. It was not Amazon.”

Mayer adds that the company had been using the same app architecture for previous projects, but no one really expected to reach 10 million sign-ups in a day: “We were very surprised by the size and the magnitude… [it was] a lot larger than we thought. We never had demand like we saw that day.”

Fixes are now rolling out and a re-architected version of the app should be available within the next week or two. Another addition that’s expected, but has no date at present, is that of a ‘continue watching’ feature like numerous other SVOD services.

Mayer also spoke about the lack of content for grown-ups on the service, saying: “it’s really not just for kids”. Hopefully that means the obvious gaping hole on the service – the 20th Century Fox film library – should be coming to both this and Hulu.

Speaking of Hulu, Mayer says the recently announced agreement with premium cabler FX is a “big deal…we’re gonna put the FX brand very prominently on Hulu.” Said deal includes releasing FX shows the day after episodes air on cable to Hulu. Hulu will also get past FX shows, and even FX originals produced exclusively for Hulu’s subscribers.

Then there are the reports of a security breach of Disney+ accounts with them being hijacked and sold on the dark web. Mayer spoke off-stage about that, saying: “we have found no evidence of a security breach” and chalking it up to people using the same login and password details for Disney+ as they use on other accounts with other services that have been breached in the past.