“Dark Tower” Leaked First Trailer Description

A few months ago it was indicated that the first trailer for the highly-anticipated film adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” will debut at the end of this month at PopFest in Los Angeles. Just this week Sony Pictures’ Tom Rothman indicated it might not be out until closer to Christmas.

Today though an early and VERY unfinished version of the international trailer, one full of green screen and animatics shots, leaked online via Vimeo. Already there’s been rapid removal of it from online pages, but the poor quality clip was up long enough to understand some basics and seemingly confirm that this is a sequel to the books as has been suggested.

Set to a downbeat version of The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes,” the focus is mostly on the young kid Jake who is having visions of another world and seeing destruction come to our reality, at the same time Matthew McConaughey’s Man In Black wanders around New York and is working on some sort of occult-like table. Jake finds an abandoned house just like in one of his sketches, goes inside, activates some kind of computer system and disappears into a portal in the wall – emerging in a rocky desert.

That’s when Idris Elba’s Gunslinger comes in and lives up to his name, Elba going full cowboy with his six-shooters. McConaughey says the line: “Did you tell the kid that everyone who walks with you dies by my hand”. Elba and Jake are then back in New York with Elba saying “The war is over and we lost” to which Jake responds “your world might be gone, but mine isn’t.” There’s a brief shot of the tower itself, black and tall against a swirling fiery cloud formation.

Cut to fights between Elba and the Man in Black’s minions in various Earth buildings and structures including a Resident Evil-esque dragon beastie. Elba says “I do not aim with my head, I aim with my eye. I do not kill with my gun, I kill with my heart.” Cut to credits.

“The Dark Tower” film itself is currently scheduled for a February 17th release.