Cinema 3D Sales Are Slumping Big Time

A decade after it was re-introduced into wide releases and just over eight years since “Avatar” helped make it mainstream, 3D cinema is now finally looking to be dying off.

Peaking in 2010 with $2.2 billion in sales, the revenue generated by 3D film session tickets has decreased each year with a new report from the Motion Picture Association of America (via Variety confirming 2017 saw a drop to $1.3 billion – an 18% decrease in 3D ticket sales from the previous year and the worst showing for 3D since 2009.

Compare that to just a 2% drop in general ticket sales in 2017 and its clear 3D films are not only no longer hot, but demand is thinning – which has led to cinemas pulling back on the number of 3D showings and studios opting to release less 3D films with much of the revenue these days coming from superhero film conversions.

This follows on from the death of 3D tech in TVs as the feature, which was once mandated, has now become a far less desirable extra as people opt for options improving picture quality including 4K resolution and HDR.