China Scraps Disney’s “Christopher Robin” Release

China Scraps Disneys Christopher Robin Release

The new Winnie the Pooh film “Christopher Robin” will not be scoring a release in China, but not for the reason you might think.

THR reports that the Chinese government is cracking down on all things Winnie the Pooh as political enemies of the Communist regime in China have used Pooh as a symbol for Chinese leader Xi Jinping. Additionally, there are many major Hollywood tentpoles already in the Chinese market so one more won’t be missed.

Authorities began blocking images of the beloved children’s character on social media about a year ago, and have gone so far to have blocked an HBO “Last Week Tonight” segment including the Xi Jinping and Pooh linkage.

China’s track record with Disney live-action films has been good, with “Cinderella” pulling in $72 million in that market alone. Ewan McGregor leads the cast of “Christopher Robin” which begins hitting cinemas today in the United States.