“Captain Marvel” Reviews Hit By Glitch

Captain Marvel Reviews Hit By Glitch

Disney and Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel” has found itself what seemed to be the subject of a troll attack which turned out to be a glitch on Rotten Tomatoes – at least that’s what they’re saying.

By 8am on the film’s opening day, mere hours after audience reviews were opened up and before the film was shown in many cinemas, the title found itself the subject of what some quickly labelled a smear campaign as more than 58,000 audience reviews were logged on the system with the film’s score residing at 33%.

To give you an idea, that is more than the total number of audience reviews for “Avengers: Infinity War” since it was released a year ago and far more than any other blockbuster on the service.

By 1pm though, the number of reviews dropped to 7,000 with a score of 35%. During the writing of this article, it fell again to 36% (2.3/5) from 4,296 reviews, but two hours later as of the timing of this article’s publishing, it sits at 52% based on 31,495 reviews.

Rotten Tomatoes explained in a statement to THR that a glitch was responsible for around 50,000 reviews showing up on the site when they shouldn’t have – saying both pre-release and post-release fan voting were included when only the latter should’ve been allowed.

Rotten Tomatoes recently retooled its scoring system in an effort to combat trolls and bots from sandbagging scores for movies they believed inferior and hadn’t necessarily seen.

However, as UK paper The Express reports, both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB written public reviews contain a large proportion focused on a “perceived agenda rather than the merits of the film itself” which can be seen with “the repeated use of buzz phrases like SJW, feminist agenda and politically correct”.

Amongst critics, the film now sits at 79% (6.8/10). Amongst properly checked audience scores from a regulated system, ie. CinemaScore, the film managed an ‘A’ rating which is the 16th ‘A’ Marvel Studios has landed, and ahead of the previous MCU release “Ant-Man and the Wasp” which got an ‘A-‘.