Burger King Russia Seeks “IT” Ban

The Russian division of Burger King has officially filed a complaint with the country’s Federal Anti-Monopoly Service (FAS) demanding the horror film smash “IT” be banned in the country.

Is it because of objectionable content? Sort of. Seems the company claims that the film’s clown character Pennywise looks so much like Ronald McDonald that it, therefore, equates as an advertisement for Burger King’s biggest rival McDonalds.

“IT” opened in Russia on September 7th and has grossed $14 million in the country so far and, as of Tuesday, is still available in more than 100 movie cinemas throughout Russia.

A spokeswoman for the FAS confirmed to THR that Burger King’s complaint has been received and is being evaluated to see if the film contains advertising or product placement. There is no timeframe for consideration of complaints of that kind.

Burger King has been actively and aggressively expanding its operations in Russia and recently got in trouble with regulators over its cryptocurrency – the WhopperCoin.

Source: The Wrap