AMC Plans Another Decade Of “Walking Dead”

Amc Plans Another Decade Of Walking Dead

The ratings have slid, any sort of critical acclaim is long gone, and two of its five main regulars are leaving. Nonetheless, AMC is sticking to its guns with “The Walking Dead” franchise.

Speaking with THR, AMC Networks CEO Josh Sapan says the basic cable network intends to keep the franchise ticking for many years to come: “The Walking Dead is a universeā€¦and we have a plan to manage over the next decade, plus. That plan is a careful plan to respect the world of the fans of that world.”

The upcoming ninth season of the main series marks a real test with a new showrunner, new tone, a heavily overhauled cast and an eighteen month or so time jump that will effectively reset a bunch of it. Check out a new trailer below for the new episodes which return October 7th.