Which “World War Z” Scenes Were Changed?

Speaking with scribes Drew Goddard (“The Cabin in the Woods”) and Damon Lindelof (“Lost”), The Huffington Post has posted a breakdown of the changes done to this Friday’s “World War Z” movie which underwent extensive reshoots to completely retool the third act.


The dividing line between the original version and the theatrical cut happens when Brad Pitt’s character boards a plane on the Jerusalem tarmac to get out of Israel.

As soon as Pitt’s character gets onboard is when Goddard and Lindelof’s new material takes over. “Jack Reacher” writer/director Chris McQuarrie also was briefly involved to “sharpen” the ending.

The original cut revolved around a large-scale zombie battle in Russia for much of the final forty-five minutes. The new version now in cinemas is contained mostly within a Welsh medical facility.

Other character building scenes were added to earlier parts of the film – two scenes set within the home of Pitt’s family, a scene where Pitt treats his daughter’s asthma, and a phone call scene onboard the plane heading to Jerusalem.

Both Pitt and director Marc Forester admit they “barely get a fraction of the book” into the film so have plenty of material to mine for a potential sequel.

Source: The Huffington Post