Vin Diesel Talks “Dungeons & Dragons” Movie

One thing you might not expect to hear about Vin Diesel is that the action star is a big ol’ “Dungeons & Dragons” nerd. With Warner Bros. Pictures now developing a reboot of the property, it was inevitable that someone would ask the actor about whether he would like to be involved in it.

Cinema Blend got the chance during the press junket for “The Last Witch Hunter,” and Diesel explained that he considers the property along sacred territory lines and it’d have to be something major and carefully thought out for him to get involved:

“They have come to me in the past with something, and I guess I was too busy at the time. For me to do something like that, it would have to be so – I would be – they have to think really carefully, because it would have to be amazing. And the previous attempts of any kind of cinematic D&D film have failed and just haven’t been done right, and that’s hard to do with the typical studio type in Hollywood.

I have a friend named Flint Dille, who’s one of the writers for my company who, you know, will write something for Riddick, or he’ll write something for Hannibal. If you ever read that graphic novel 300 from Frank Miller, there’s a character that’s modeled after this guy Flint Dille, who’s named Flint Delius and he’s the orator, he’s the one telling you the whole 300 story.

In fact, when I was in one of my more intense pre-production phases of Hannibal, Frank Miller was at my house sketching out storyboards… but he said he was great friends with [D&D co-creator] Gary Gygax, and he said something that really, really shocked me, which was that Gary Gygax, before he passed away, said that he wanted me to tell his story. So whatever it would be in the world of D&D, it would have to be very sacred. And that’s how you get me.”

Vin Diesel’s “The Last Witch Hunter” opens on October 23rd.