“True Detective” Creator Talks S4 ‘Exciting Idea’

True Detective Creator Talks S4 Exciting Idea

It may not have had anything like the impact of the first or even second season, but the recent third season of HBO’s “True Detective” overall seems to be seen as a welcome return to form and offers hope that a fourth season could go even further.

The third season took years to get done because series writer-creator Nic Pizzolatto was trying to come up with an idea he wanted to develop. While there’s been little to no talk of a fourth season at this point, certainly one isn’t being fast-tracked by the network, this time any delay won’t be due to a need for creative recharging by Pizzolatto who already has a bunch of ideas. He tells IndieWire:

“I had this idea, and to me I think it’s a really strong idea, and it would be something I’ve never seen on television before. But since then I’ve had another idea that I’ve talked about with an actor, and that, to me, would be the most exciting thing we could do with ‘True Detective.'”

Pizzolatto says the first idea he was jazzed about in his statement could show up in another project, but the second one is his focus now: “I think it would be really great for the fans. I just don’t know if we’re going to get to do it.”

HBO is presently in the midst of an expansion phase right now under orders from new owners AT&T to create more content to compete with its streaming rivals.