Tom Sizemore for “Pearl Harbor”

Veteran actor Tom Sizemore was in Hawaii for three weeks only shooting his part which Bruckheimer offered him, but has been in Morocco since February 7th shooting his role in “Black Hawk Down” which he was cast in first. The baseball cap he wears in PH was his idea as “I had to make it interesting for myself” he says.

Question: What did you think of the debacle that was the real Pearl Harbor?

Answer: “It wasn’t a debacle, it was a sneak attack by a bunch of cowardly pricks. It was not a debacle, they weren’t ready – we weren’t at war, we fought our asses off…a debacle would be something like what we tried to do when we got those hostages out of the ranch. That was a debacle. What they [The Japanese] did to us was sh*tty, and they got theirs…it was a really smart idea that they had, but they fucked with the wrong people. America’s got a big foot”.

Question: Are you into the Hollywood thing?

Answer: “I used to be very much into the Hollywood thing (laughs), nice big drug problem – the whole thing, not anymore”. The reason he changed? “I was going to die”.

Question: You admire Josh Hartnett??

Answer: “For someone 22 years old I just think he’s a very right headed, level headed and talented. I hope he stays that way cause he’s about to go through a sh*t storm”.

Question: Why be a part of this project?

Answer: “I wanted to be a part of this very important historical event, and I liked the part, its small and all but I liked it – thought it was interesting. I think its important to try and educate really young Americans who think the world started with the Internet of the enormous sacrifices made of the previous generation so that we can maintain our freedom”. What about potential flack he may get from this? “I don’t care what anybody writes or says or thinks about me…its a hard job to get, so I’m blessed”.

Question: Any tabloid rumours about him that he found completely ridiculous?

Answer: “I was in the National Enquirer two weeks ago for having a face off with Arnold Schwarzenegger in a gym, I never met Arnold Schwarzenegger in my life”.

Question: What’s your next project after “Black Hawk Down”?

Answer: “I may do a movie with Larry Kasden about SWAT, a SWAT unit in New York City – I may not. I may do a Stephen King thing, I may not. I may do a movie called ‘The Fear of X’ I may not”. What actors would he like to work with? “I want to do a movie with Benicio [del Toro]. We’re buddies, we’ve known each other for 12 years…and right now, nothing against Ang Lee or Jane Campion or any of those people, but I’d like to do a movie with Steven Soderbergh. He’s at the top of the chain right now”.

Question: Describe your role in “Black Hawk Down” a bit more?

Answer: “I play Lt. Col. Danny McKnight who was a 37-year old man who lead the team out that day on October 3rd, then went back 17 hours later and got them out after he’d been shot in the neck and thigh…Its wicked, its frightening, it is a sh*tstorm – it was a sh*tstorm. The street was that deep [indicating two feet high] in cartridges when it was over”.