There’s A “90% Chance” Of The “Deadwood” Film

In the past year the talk of a telemovie follow-up to HBO’s iconic and prematurely cancelled western drama series “Deadwood” finally seemed to pick up steam. Creator David Milch was writing a script, HBO was keen and many of the actors from the show wanted to come back.

Scheduling and financing issues however were always going to be an issue and some of the wind was taken out of fan’s sails in March when the show’s leading man Timothy Olyphant essentially said in an interview there was no way it would happen. Now though, one of his co-stars says not only is it likely going to happen but it’s looking more and more like a certainty.

Actress Robin Weigert, who played Calamity Jane on the series, told The L.A. Times this week: “It’s safe enough to say it’s happening this fall. There’s a set being built and tax incentives to get it done. A lot of [actors] have signed on. There’s a 90% chance it’ll finally happen.”

How much of the large ensemble will return is unclear. Ian McShane, Brad Dourif, Molly Parker, John Hawkes, Kim Dickens, Jim Beaver and more starred alongside Olyphant and Weigert in the critically acclaimed series which last aired in 2006.